"Google Pixel 3 Lite -- A Better iPhone XR?" - Forbes

“Rumored specifications are impressive for the phone dubbed the Pixel 3 Lite (courtesy of Rozetked): 4GB RAM, 8MP front-facing camera, and a 12MP rear camera. The battery is 2,915mAh, which would match the 5.5-inch Pixel 3.“ - Brooke Crothers

"From Echo to Ring doorbell and Fire TV, are you comfortable Amazon with controlling your smart home?" - USA Today

“Sure, it's just another purchase by the world's largest online retailer. But, more importantly, it's an indication of how Amazon wants to go further than just making our homes "smart." It wants to turn our dwellings into the "Amazon Home."‘ - Jefferson Graham

"Pokémon GO Lawsuit Settlement Might Lead To Some Pokéstops And Gyms Being Removed"- Kotaku

“The suit was filed by numerous homeowners who believed the company had caused players to trespass onto their property to catch Pokémon or activate Pokéstops.“ - Zack Zwiezen

"Why Amazon's dream of a New York City headquarters imploded" - Cnet

“The largest e-commerce company in the world had planned to create a second major campus outside its Seattle mothership as it worked toward even more expansion. City leaders across the country clamored for the attention of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in their quest to land the $5 billion development and its promise of 50,000 high-paying jobs.“ - BEN FOX RUBIN

"Cyber stalking: Is your cell phone being used against you?" - ABC7

“The computer program, developed by students and recently put into use at the city's family justice centers, is capable of scanning phones and other mobile devices for signs of stalking.“ - Danielle Leigh

"Trump reportedly will ban Chinese telecom equipment next week"- CNet

“In August, Trump signed a bill prohibiting the US government and its contractors from buying certain equipment from ZTE, Huawei and other Chinese companies, prompting some universities to review and replace gear.“ - SEAN KEANE

"T-Mobile has rolled out more mid-band LTE capacity upgrades" - Tmonews

“While these latest upgrades were spread across the U.S., New York received a sizable chunk of them. Some of the cities and towns that’ve been upgraded over the past two weeks include Oceanside, CA; Atlanta, GA; Underwood, IA, Cambridge, MA; Baltimore, MD; and El Paso, TX. You can find the full list below.“ - Alex Wagner 

"Google's Pixel 4 may offer improved dual-SIM functionality, according to an AOSP commit"

‘‘This isn't widely-known information, but the Pixel 2 and 3 can technically act as dual-SIM devices thanks to their eSIM support. eSIM is only used by a few carriers around the world, including Sprint in the US, but it can act as a second SIM alongside the hardware SIM when activated. However, Google appears set to improve dual-SIM in the upcoming Pixel 4.” -Richard Gao

"The iPhone X is back on sale, but for how long?" - CNET

Apple stopped selling the iPhone X shortly after releasing last year's iPhone lineup: the iPhone XS, XS Max and the XR, presumably to prevent the X from cannibalizing sales of its new phones. The refurbished iPhone Xs were first spotted this week by MacRumors and appear to be selling out fast. - VANESSA HAND ORELLANA

"A brand new leak says Apple is about to launch new iPad models"-BGR

“On the heels of a report last week that said that Apple would launch a seventh-generation iPad and an iPad mini 5 in the first half of the year, we now have a leak that seems to back those claims up. It’s still unclear what iPad hardware Apple might be working on right now, but documentation the company filed with a regulatory body for Eurasian countries reveals the model numbers for six new iPad versions.“ - Chris Smith

"New Galaxy S10 leaks tell us it’s time to get excited about battery tech" - BGR

“Battery life remains one of the most important features of any new phone. No matter how energy-efficient smartphone components get, we still care about good battery life, which can get us through the day with ease.“ - Chris Smith 

" Amazon is piloting its own delivery robot"- Tech Crunch

“It was, of course, just a matter of time before Amazon deployed delivery robots. The company has had a robotics wing for a number of years now, though much of its public-facing side has been focused on warehouse logistics. Today, however, it took the wraps off Scout.“ - Brian Heater

"Apple iPhones Reportedly Getting Ready to Say Goodbye to LCD Screens"- Cheddar

“Apple is reportedly planning to transition away from LCD screens in favor of OLED, as it works to attract customers to upgrades. Shana Glenzer, Crowdskout Chief Marketing Officer, explains what the move means and what it says about Apple's strategy.“

"T-Mobile will reportedly launch a free mobile video service in the coming weeks"- Tmo News

“We’re still waiting for T-Mobile to launch its new streaming TV service, but according to a new report, T-Mo has a new mobile video service coming very soon.

T-Mobile is planning to launch a free, ad-supported mobile video service in the “next few weeks”. That’s according to a report from Cheddar, whose source claims that this new service will offer live content and will work on phones and internet-connected devices. T-Mobile will reportedly preload the service on many of its devices, including Samsung phones.“ - Alex Wagner 

"Endings and Easter eggs in Netflix's Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

“Whatever Netflix defines as an "ending" to add up to "five main endings" isn't really clear, but here are some of the permutations and endings that viewers have mapped out.“ -

"iPhone XS, XS Max and XR: 27 tips and tricks to master Apple's latest phones" - CNET

“There's a lot to learn when you start using Apple's iPhone XXSMax and XR. The lack of a home button, for one, completely changes the way you interact with the phones. Here are some of the best tips and tricks we came up with for getting used to the new interface.“ - Jason Cipriani

"iPhone 5G: Release Date, Price and Specs for Apple's 2020 Phone" - Inverse

“The iPhone isn’t known for its download speeds, The iPhone could soon make the jump to 5G. A new report claims Apple’s 5G-enabled flagship smartphone is on the horizon possibly as early as 2020, as the rest of the market gears up for a big launch of the new mobile browsing standard.“ - Mike Brown

"iPhone XS and XS Max Users Are Reporting LTE Connectivity Problems" - Inverse

“Shortly after the release, users complained about noticeably slower cellular reception, both while using LTE and also while they were connected to wifi when compared to older models like the 8 or the X.“ - Danny Paez

"iPhone XI concept sports three-lens camera and sleek redesign"- Cult of Mac

“A new concept design for the iPhone XI made its way to YouTube today imagining some big changes that could come to Apple’s flagship device in 2019. Chief among the new features is a three lens camera array accompanied by some design tweaks inspired by the new iPad Pro.“ - BUSTER HEIN