Serving Staten Island since 2013

"The Most Convenient Solutions For Your Smartphone and Electronics Repair Needs"

After wasting thousands of dollars replacing our own broken phones through our cellphone carriers and insurance providers, we decided enough was enough and we were going to figure out a faster and more inexpensive way.

We discovered that the average cell phone user was being forced to either pay high upgrade costs or endure steep insurance fees to replace their damaged phones instead of being able to fix the problem itself.  

There in come the idea for Healix Repair

A one stop shop to replace, fix, or convert your smartphones and tablets back into the shape they once were before being damaged.

There's nothing better than knowing your device troubles are no longer an issue.

And you can be rest assured that your devices will be good as new after going through the "Healified" experience 

Our top quality parts and service set the standard for the electronics repair industry. Just read what our customers have to say about us!

You can also feel safe knowing that all our repairs come with a Safe & Secure 90 Day Warranty .

Basically, our aim is to give you the fastest, easiest and best quality service for the best prices, so that you can leave with a smile and working device.

Next time your smartphone or tablet has water damage, a cracked screen, faulty battery, or any other type of malfunction be sure to visit Healix Smartphone Repair and we'll heal it back to life in just a few hours!

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